What’s Samuel Hale and how will it help California?
In this video, we interviewed the CEO, Mike DiManno and asked him to describe what Samuel Hale is and how it can help California businesses. Samuel Hale has a unique [...]
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When Injuries at Work Don’t Equal Workers’ Comp
While injuries and deaths that occur while someone is carrying out their work on behalf of their employer are compensated by workers’ comp coverage, not all workplace injuries or deaths [...]
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Three Troubling Trends Affecting Workers’ Comp
While U.S. employers are seeing fewer industrial accidents thanks to more employers putting a premium on workplace safety, some emerging trends threaten to seriously affect this trend and usher in [...]
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Construction Dual Wage Threshold Changes
For some construction classes, the Rating Bureau sets wage thresholds for which different rates apply due to significant differences claims and claims costs rates for workers who earn less and [...]
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Workers’ Comp Referral Ring Busted: How You Can Keep Your Employees from Being Ensnared
One of the hidden cost drivers in workers’ comp is fraud and while many employers feel that fraud by “injured workers” is the biggest problem, there are also vendors in [...]
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