3 Tips for Hiring Success in Your Business

3 Tips for Hiring Success in Your Business

When running a franchise, having the right team in place is a critical part of long-term business success. In today’s candidate-driven market, however, finding the right candidate can be quite difficult but not impossible. The trick is to know how to find and identify top talent candidates that are ideal for your franchise. Here’s a look at three tips to help you achieve hiring success in your business.

Use Networks and Connections to Find Potential Employees

According to Quartz at Work, “studies reveal that the average person has 611 network connections, including friends, former classmates and colleagues, mentors, vendors, and more.” As a franchise owner, you likely have an even larger networking base. This network opens a huge opportunity for sourcing top-quality candidates. Don’t be shy about tapping into these connections and asking for referrals. This step will not only increase the number of applicants you have to select from, but it also will improve the quality of your hire.

Use Pre-Employment Assessments

Sourcing quality candidates is just the first step. You also must know how to identify which candidates are the best fit for your franchise. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to filter through your applicants is with pre-employment assessments. According to The Hire Talent, “testing to measure a candidate’s hard skills during your hiring process allows you to save time down the road by validating and ensuring that your new hire has the skills that you want and need in your position.” Most importantly, these pre-employment tests allow you to weed out those candidates that might look good on paper but that lack the basic skills your company needs. Making sure you only hire candidates that have the right skills can help you save time and money in the long run.

Use Employee Referrals

According to The HR Tech Weekly, “from a recent survey, 82 percent of employers rank employee referrals as their top sourcing method. Not only can this recruitment technique improve the quality of your hire, but it also can reduce the time to hire, improve new-hire assimilation time, and increase retention rates.” Your employees have a unique understanding of the company culture, and they know what the job entails. It seems only natural that your employees could use this insight to identify people that they know who have the right skills, attributes, and personalities to perform the job.

Incorporating these three tips into your hiring strategy can help you save both time and money. Even more importantly, using the right resources to source and identify the right candidates will improve the quality of your hire and will help your business grow. Don’t settle for mediocre employees when you can have the best by using the right hiring tactics.

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