4 Strategies for Saving on Shipping So You Can Sell More Stuff

4 Strategies for Saving on Shipping So You Can Sell More Stuff

If you are in the process of building a thriving online merchandising business, chances are that you are fully aware of just how shipping costs can be a burden on your bottom line. In some cases, simply allowing for the cost of shipping can be a damper on how many items you can sell any given day. However, the good news is that many seasoned business owners realize that there are ways to cut down on these shipping costs, thus being able to sell more items in your online store. Consider some of these factors:

Do Some Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving? really? Yes, really. There are many businesses that generate a lot of waste. These would include all kinds of reusable shipping materials. Things such as bubble wrap, envelopes, foam, and brown paper all can be available simply from scavenging the things that other companies allegedly throw away!

Protect Fragile Contents

Make sure you’re using appropriate packing materials to protect items in transit. Simply put, anything that is even remotely fragile needs to be packed well. You should strongly consider investing in bubble wrap in order to avoid having to issue a refund for an item damaged in transit.

Take Advantage of Bulk Discounts

Another strategy you can take would be to look into bulk rate discounts. Of course, the easiest way to ship something would be through the first-class package, and that is also one of the fastest services. Moreover, there is such a thing as marketing Mail Marketing Parcels, which is great for low cost “bulk mail” options. Yet another option would be the parcel select lightweight shipping rate, which is great for sending packages for local recipients or for packages over 12 ounces.

Consider Third-Party Shipping Options

One fact that is surprising to a lot of people even in business would be the fact that third-party insurance is often cheaper than insurance from regular carriers. For example, whereas regular carriers might charge $0.90 per $100 in value, a private shipping insurance firm might only charge $0.55 per $100.  

Of course, all of these suggestions are just the beginning. Always do your research for as many “life hacks” as possible when it comes to shipping your merchandise. Your diligence will pay off and you will be able to sell more items and make more money!

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