Does Your Business Need Workers' Comp Help?
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October 30, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Is the workers' compensation system in California broken? Just ask the Sacramento Bee. According to a 2017 report, the $20 billion system suffers from some of the worst fraud in the country.

Identified fraud costs stand at over a billion dollars. Prosecutors admit that this number may serve as a small percentage of the total problem. You need a firm looking out for you to help provide workers' comp savings in California.

California’s problem does not have to be your problem. At Samuel Hale, we diagnose, treat, and fight the cancer of “CLAIMITIS.”


We established our firm specifically to fight the spreading disease of “CLAIMITIS.” Symptoms of this problem include:

• Artificially expanded claims numbers and resulting costly litigation

• Workers who file after job discharge, report cumulative trauma, describe injury to multiple body parts, and have run through appeals

• Lengthy cases with no resolution for years

When a business allows CLAIMITIS to linger, it can result in additional costs, poor employee relations, and declining business performance. Even worse, your fees get calculated based on your rate of claims.

How We Work For You

Those who benefit from “CLAIMITIS” count on businesses to not take the time to research and identify key problems. Most businesses lack the time and resources to do so thoroughly.

Samuel Hale has the capability to provide faster closure on workers' comp cases through the Patriot system. This serves as a carve out negotiated with the California Department of Workers' Compensation. It delivers the option of using an alternative and expedited process to close claims faster.

The employee benefits when their claim gets processed more quickly and they receive expedited medical treatment. Employers also benefit through a shorter and less costly process that helps to weed out cases of fraud.

At Samuel Hale, we handle the elements of workers' compensation from start to finish. This save you time and trouble, allowing especially small businesses to focus on core functions of producing quality goods and services.

Our range of services includes the following:

• Alternative Dispute Resolution - Workers' Compensation + Employer Practices Liability insurance

• Payroll and Affordable Care Act management

• Access to a team of workers' compensation and fraud experts

• Assistance and advice on compliance and risk issues

• Safety and loss control

• The PACT trade association agreement guaranteeing access to alternative dispute resolution process

The PACT also provides enhanced medical and other benefits for workers; such as a pension plan, better access to medical treatment, access to The PACT hotline for reports and questions, and much more..

The Samuel Hale Difference

Though each case presents different challenges, overall clients have seen a significant difference when using Samuel Hale.

California’s average workers' compensation claim gets resolved in a little under a year. Those using Samuel Hale, however, enjoy resolution in just under six months.

Companies that do not use the Patriot program offered at Samuel Hale, however, may see claims linger up to two years or more. This can create litigation related expenses that can adversely affect your company and its employees.

Don’t leave your company’s future in the hands of our broken state workers' compensation system. Join Samuel Hale today to save your company time and money while fighting the disease of “CLAIMITIS.”

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Let us help your company avoid lengthy and sometimes fraudulent workers' compensation cases. Reach out to Samuel Hale today to safeguard your future against fraud and claims abuse.