Introducing Samuel Hale and The Patriot System
October 18, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Are you tired of California's broken workers' compensation system? When you're an employer, you can't afford to suffer as a result of "CLAIMITIS." At Samuel Hale, we help employers throughout California reduce the amount they're paying toward workers' compensation claims. Our expertise and familiarity with the way California's system is exploited help us protect businesses and fair employers. If you're ready to fight back against the broken system, now's the time to learn more about what we do.

Samuel Hale fights CLAIMITIS

At Samuel Hale, we believe we've identified a problem that's endemic throughout California: CLAIMITIS. CLAIMITIS involves artificially inflating claims in a bid to secure more compensation using fraudulent tactics. We recognize CLAIMITIS as showing some of the following symptoms:

• An employee has recently been dismissed.

• The trauma and side-effects appear to be growing.

• Multiple body parts are involved, even when their involvement doesn't make sense.

• The case has been appealed at WCAB.

Although workers' compensation has its place in securing justice, it's also open to exploitation. We often see businesses suffering the following effects when CLAIMITIS wreaks havoc:

• Insurance premiums increase and become unmanageable.

• Employers have to lay off hardworking individuals.

• Assets need to be sold to meet the cost of claims.

• Employers struggle to maintain a good relationship with their employees.

At Samuel Hale, we're passionate about fighting fraudulent claims. We reduce costs by using a team of experts to identify fraud. Additionally, we cut the claim period down from 24 months to six months. Overall, the Samuel Hale approach can save your insurance premiums and prevent you from suffering financial ruin. We're here to stop CLAIMITIS in its tracks.

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to your advantage

One tactic we embrace at Samuel Hale is the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Our ADR approach has been approved by the California Department of Workers' Compensation. It's claimant friendly and employer-friendly, which means both parties stand a stronger chance of exiting the process having enjoyed a fair result.

ADR avoids the inflated costs that come with litigation. When you need to litigate, a lot of your compensation claim costs stem from hiring legal professionals. Additionally, those legal professionals have control over the experts they hire, such as doctors and nurses. Using ADR, you can avoid hefty legal costs and reduce the amount you spend on medical professional assessments. In our experience, around 90% of cases that go through the ADR process don't require litigation.

At Samuel Hale, we like to go a step further with our co-employment solution. In addition to managing the ADR process, we can assist you with risk management and compliance, safety and loss control, and return-to-work programs. All this is available under our Professional Arbitration on Court Terms (PACT) program. While we leave you to manage the day-to-day operations of your business, we'll produce a comprehensive workers' compensation program, with some HR and employment services on top.

Employees benefit from The PACT, too

When you make The PACT available to your employees, and they choose to sign up, they'll see benefits as well. After two years, they will be eligible for pension distributions after completing 24 months and 1,500 hours of work. They can improve their medical options and secure further benefits. They also have access to a 24/7 company doctor via TeleHealth. By supporting your employees through their day-to-day operations and enhancing their health, we further reduce your compensation claims.

Overall, introducing The PACT to your business and using ADR eliminates stress for you and your employees. By reducing frustrations, we believe we help you build better relationships with your workforce. If the Samuel Hale approach appeals to you, call 855 726 4253 or email us at: