Join The PACT - the agreement that builds a better work experience

The PACT is a trade association agreement that binds employees to the ADR process and delivers valuable benefits to create a better workplace experience.

• Pension plan with full vestment, after 2-years in the program

• Complimentary MEC Health Plan

• Access to major Medical Healthcare Options and Voluntary Benefits

• Access to The PACT Hotline for employee inquiries and reporting issues

• Limited life insurance - $10,000 for AD+D

Samuel Hale and The PACT working together to create a fair and safer place for employment

The PACT employees are eligible for certain benefits and programs not available to the general public, such as an Alternative Dispute Resolution system that resolves 99.9% of workers’ compensation claim issues before they go to court.

The PACT includes:

Workers’ Compensation advocate - Ombudsman

Employment Practices Dispute process

• Employees will get their own workers’ comp judge, as their advocate.

• Providing assistance to them through the entire claims process - start to finish.

• Primary job is to accelerate the claims process with no delays.

• Always available for Q&A.

Enhanced Benefits

• All employees under the Samuel Hale program will receive a Defined Pension Contribution. Two- years in the program and they are fully vested.

• Access to great Healthcare Options and Voluntary benefits

• Access to an employee safe Grievance Hotline to report harassment or discrimination conflicts, or labor law inquiries

• Limited life insurance - $10,000 for AD+D

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