Tired of The Shakedown
Tired of INCREASING EX-MODS and outrageous, unexplained premium increases?So were we.

Renewing your workers’ comp shouldn’t feel like buying a used car.

California businesses pay 300% more for workers’ comp insurance than the average state despite the benefits being the same. Why? Because of claim fraud, prolonged medical treatment and extended claims litigation. These activities inflate ex-mods, which, increase premium rates.

Samuel Hale has created the fix for this.

Samuel Hale Eliminates Fraud and Litigation from your Workers’ Comp Claims

Samuel Hale is revolutionizing doing business in California with a business solution that works exclusively with high ex-mods and high workers’ comp rates.

Our employer solution delivers savings without the sacrifice. Our “co-employment style” business solution is combined with a proven program that reduces workers’ comp claims costs by over 50%.

Introducing - The Patriot. Our unique solution, developed by the best minds in the industry and approved by the California Department of Workers’ Compensation, delivers workers’ compensation insurance with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

ADR accelerates the claims process and supports an employers’ ability to manage the overall costs of their workers’ compensation program. This process advocates for the employee while expediting medical treatment and eliminates litigation liability.

Samuel Hale is dedicated to reducing claims cost. We use a business model that creates huge client savings and repairs “injured” ex-mods.

We’d like an opportunity to share with you how we can help your business save money and enable you to thrive in California again.

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