How Workers’ Comp Claims Management Services Speed Up Claims Closures
October 8, 2020

One of the most challenging, costly, and time-consuming issues Californian businesses face is workers’ compensation claims. In fact, workers’ comp claims management is one of the most important processes a company can undertake—or rely on another, dedicated company to handle and accelerate the process.

For many Californian businesses, the sluggish timeline of closing workers’ comp claims eats away at precious financial and personnel resources, creating unnecessary headaches and challenges for their teams.

Samuel Hale knows how problematic this issue can become. That’s why we’re proud to offer a proven solution to speed up and close your workers’ comp claims so you can keep your business moving forward without unnecessary interruptions. Here’s how we do it, and how you can benefit.

We’re not like other PEOs

While our Professional Employer Organization solution is similar to other, traditional PEOs, what sets us apart is our unique Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Our ADR cuts claims by 50%, saving your business significant money while also expediting the process.

We’re able to offer this innovative solution because of a special designation from the Department of Industrial Relations. This designation, called a “carve-out” agreement, allows us to use the ADR process to resolve workers’ compensation disputes much faster. The ADR process, additionally, becomes a tool to support reducing the client Experience Modification Rating, while saving the client money, time, headaches, and reducing the frictional costs from the claims process.

The significance of California’s claims

Workers’ comp claims across the United States can drag on. California’s proportion of indemnity claims is twice that of the median state’s rate, remaining open an average of 24 months. And, while claim closure rates have increased in the last half-decade, these rates still remain higher than other states.

So, why are these rates so high? California sees:

  • A significantly high volume of medical liens
  • Rising rates of post terminiation and cumulative trauma claim frequency
  • Complexity regarding handling and settling claims

California also grapples with an exceptionally slow pattern of indemnity claims reporting, with 12 months remaining the norm. The proportion of unreported claims reaches more than twice that of the comparison state’s median. Moreover, the rate proportion of indemnity claims reported after 12 months has risen over the past five years.

The length of these claims remaining open adds to the complexity that employers face to close them. But it’s not just the length; many of these claims involve complex issues such as post-termination and cumulative trauma, which not only extend the duration but impart a claim that is more difficult to navigate and more emotionally taxing for both the employee and the employer.

But when you turn to Samuel Hale, you can rest assured that our exclusive ADR Program will expedite and close your claims process faster than any other solution available. This enables your injured employee to receive the care they need quickly and gets them back on the job promptly once they’ve recovered.

Trust Samuel Hale for your workers’ comp claims management

Don’t let workers’ comp claims cause any more disruption to your business and your employees’ wellbeing than necessary. Reach out to us today for your free claims analysis.

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