The Staffing

An innovative solution
created exclusively for
staffing agencies in
Samuel Hale Exchange
will help grow your agency
PEO for staffing

Our staffing solution delivers savings, stability and growth opportunity specific for staffing agencies.

Introducing - The Samuel Hale Exchange (SHE). Our innovative, customizable solution delivers cost-savings and stability with a comprehensive workers’ compensation program, growth opportunity with The PACT to support recruiting and retention of contingent employees and lastly, technology that integrates into your existing staffing software.

  • employment services

    Aggressive rate pricing

    Compliant certification

    Safety & risk management

    Free EPLI

    SUI pooling

    Free ACA compliance

  • professional services

    Employee administration

    The PACT includes:

    Pension for workersite employees

    MEC health plan

    Medical health & voluntary benefit options

  • technology services

    Staffing software integration capabilities

    Digital employee application

    Risk management

    In-house support

how we do it
Our co-employment relationship is able to immediately lower your operating costs and deliver value added benefits to your agency and contingent employees.


employees join The PACT
The PACT is a trade association agreement that binds employees to the ADR process and delivers valuable benefits to create a better workplace experience.

  • Pension plan with full vestment, after 2 years in the program

  • Complimentary MEC Plan

  • Access to major Medical Healthcare Options and Voluntary Benefits

  • Access to The PACT Hotline for employee inquiries and reporting issues

  • AD&D insurance plan

employers create a co-employment relationship with samuel hale
Agencies continue to manage contingent employees, focus on their agency operations while Samuel Hale delivers an exclusive and comprehensive workers’ compensation program with the added value of HR administration and employment services.

  • Workers' comp coverage and certification with ADR claims administration

  • Safety and risk management

  • Employee administration: digital application, payroll, compliance

  • Medical healthcare & voluntary benefit administration

  • Retirement administration
employers create a co-employment relationship with samuel hale