The Truth About California Workers Compensation


The last thing you need is another insurance policy!

Renewing your worker’s comp policy can be a frustrating process. Rolling the dice that something is going to change this year in hopes that future years you may achieve lower workers comp insurance premiums.

The Truth is California businesses pay 300% more than the average state for workers compensation despite the benefits being the same. Why is workers comp so outrageously expensive in California?

There are only two plausible answers, we get injured much more often and more seriously or the cost of medical treatment is 3 times as much. But that simply isn’t the case.

The fact is that we have a slow bloated complicated workers compensation system that is filled with friction. In large part early and unnecessary litigation is the driving force that is responsible for escalating our employment costs to be the very highest in the United States. This is the reason for the excessive amount of fraudulent claims, huge reserves, and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to close a claim. In addition in many cases, it also causes a double whammy…… a high experience modifier.

When the XMOD goes up unexpectedly, bad things happen. People get laid off, equipment goes unpurchased, owners sell their property, but the worse thing is when they go out of business or leave California.

Most brokers and insurers suggest companies with high xmods follow the common sense solutions

The Common Sense Solutions

Increasing safety and loss prevention

Better claims management

Early investigation of suspect claims

Better communication to the injured employee

All these necessary functions are super important, but if they worked California wouldn’t have the highest works compensation costs in the nation year after year. Going through your renewal with another traditional insurance policy may lead to traditional results! Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

What you need are different rules and a different way to resolve disputes. 

The Patriot provides both in a proven method to dramatically eliminate waste and frustration.


I love California, It is truly the land of opportunity.

I love California, It is truly the land of opportunity. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in the mid-west, when we moved here I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and the rich opportunities that were available for a young entrepreneur. I started my family and over 10 companies from scratch right here in the Sunshine State.

Throughout my career I have had well over 1000 corporate clients and the most frustrating thing I hear them say is they want to leave this incredible state because of the employment environment. Unfortunately, excessive regulations, entitled employees, lawyers, taxes, and expensive insurance have become huge challenges to employing workers in California.

I wanted to do something about that, so I started Samuel Hale. Samuel Hale’s sole mission is to eliminate the friction in employment for our clients and our employees here in California. We have actually defied logic by lowering employment costs like workers compensation while at the same time providing better benefits to the employees. And we paid for it by eliminating waste in the current employment model, especially from unnecessary litigation. That’s right, the lawyers are paying for it!

I believe we can help your company be successful and more productive!
Michael A. DiManno, CEO

We Give Our Clients an Unfair Advantage Over California Workers Compensation

Why Choose Samuel Hale

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce employment friction in California, we strive to create a three-way partnership between our employees, clients and the Samuel Hale team.

We provide industry-leading specialists, technology, and expertise to make your business more efficient. Whether you want to outsource some component of your HR management activities or require full-scale services, Samuel Hale has the resources to help you get what you need to improve your business.

We further our client's business objectives and keep workers gainfully employed.
We help you manage your most important assets so that you can focus on your business.
Prevention and managing risk is a necessary part of any business. We can help!
75+ Years Experience

We have over 75 years experience in the industry and our experts do not stop until we succeed in helping you take back control of your business. Let’s get to work!

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