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California Workers Compensation Insurance

The Truth

The last thing you need is another insurance policy!

Renewing your worker’s comp policy can be a frustrating process. Rolling the dice that something is going to change this year in hopes that future years you may achieve lower workers comp insurance premiums.

The Truth is California businesses pay 300% more than the average state for workers compensation despite the benefits being the same. Why is workers comp so outrageously expensive in California?

Why is California Workers Comp So Expensive?
A Hybrid Combination of Professional Business Services

We Lower Your Total Cost of Employment. Period.

Ben Baker
Lower your xmod
Lower your xmod
Lower your xmod
“I have been excited to come to work every day, because I have the honor of serving with some of the best minds in the field! The talent and motivation they exude for customer success is unparalleled. The CEO and Team not only care about getting clients back on top, but keeping them there! It’s a humbling experience to be part of such a great Team.”
Ben B.
Samuel Hale
“We exists to eliminate the friction in employment for our clients in California”…”What I have always loved about our industry is the challenge of solving employment problems for our clients.  After 20 years in the industry I now get to work with a team at Samuel Hale that brings a real employment solution to our customers!  I could not be more excited!”
Brad B.
Samuel Hale
“I am proud to be an integral part of a company that is dedicated to providing risk management solutions to great companies struggling with the abuse of the workers' compensation system.  It is like watching a company take their first breath of fresh air. It is great to be involved with making things better for our employees while working with a phenomenal team!”
Theresa L.
Samuel Hale
“They say, ‘If you Love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life’. I am fortunate enough to say that I am deeply passionate about this program and lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are like minded. Samuel Hale is a program that is second to none. Our team has designed a way to make the employment process friction-less, remove and mitigate unnecessary elements of employment, and have created a platform that allows California employers to regain control of their business. It’s easy to be grateful of your job when you work for a company like Samuel Hale!”
Mike D. Jr
Samuel Hale