We Eliminate Fraud and Litigation from your Workers' Comp Claims

Our clients see a 50% to 80% drop in their incurred claims.

Can destroy your Business

  • What is Claimitis

    Artificially inflated claims often due to workers' comp FRAUD and unnecessary LITIGATION. This causes delayed closing of the claims and high reserves.

  • Symptoms of Claimitis
    • Post-termination
    • Cumulative trauma
    • Multiple body parts
    • Appealed at WCAB
  • Results of Claimitis
    • Excessive premiums
    • Layoffs
    • Sell-off assets
    • Bad employee relations

The Last Thing You Need is another
Workers' Compensation Policy
Changing the name on the policy won't protect your business

Every year you wonder what your rates will be at renewal, but by then your destiny is largely determined. Workers' compensation rates are calculated by using your historical information slightly modified by market conditions.

The single greatest way to save money over the next 4 years is to protect yourself from fraudulent and litigated claims. To find out how much this affects you "LEARN THE TRUTH."

avg. time to close a workers' comp claim



  • Get a quote Send us your data, and we will run it through our proprietary algorithm to show you how much you can save.
  • Contract and Enroll We will provide you a contract with great rates, and protection from fraud and litigation. Your employees will be covered by PACT PLUS.
  • Take Back Your Business Go back to running your business and let us handle the claims. Renewals are a breeze and your employees will be happy.
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